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Call 1112223333
How can I get back into possession?
I am an agent of the airport authority. I found your luggage.

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The app contains your Personal QR Code.

The complete kit for a private and secure communication
Imagine this:
Someone has found your smartphone or your luggage and would like to contact you.
Your pet got lost and someone saw it wandering around.
Your car is badly parked or has been involved in an accident and someone needs you to move it.
The child or an elder got lost and the rescuer would like to warn you.
You have lost your keys, wallet, passport, laptop, purse, documents and someone found them.
How can you be contacted?
You no longer need to expose your phone number or personal data because your Personal QR Code is all you need.
Thanks to your Personal QR Code you are always reachable, while keeping your precious personal data safe and private.
No batteries are needed. Nor expensive devices. Nothing to recharge.
Just expose your Personal QR Code wherever you deem it useful.
Those who scan it contact you, while you remain anonymous.
Anonyx turns your Personal QR Code into an anonymous chat.
Your personal data is worth a lot
If you expose your personal data, you are at risk of identity theft.
Furthermore, your personal data is of great value to hackers, scammers and spammers.

Your name, address, phone number and email are too valuable data and should never be disclosed.

John Doe

123 Third Avenue
New York

+1 111 222 3333

Instead of your personal data, expose your Personal QR Code.


How does it work?
1 Download Anonyx to your smartphone.
2 Enter your email address so that your Personal QR Code is generated.
3 Print your Personal QR Code and expose it on the back of your smartphone or laptop, on your luggage, your pet's tag, your car or moto, your keys, your passport, inside your wallet, purse or documents... wherever you want. You can even hand it over to children, the elderly, sick or handicapped people, if you are afraid they might get lost.

An anonymous chat starts as soon as someone scans your Personal QR Code.
Privacy is paramount
Your identity is safe from prying eyes, because your Personal QR Code is encrypted: no one can know it's you.
Anonyx does not track you.
Additional features
Chat email

No message will ever be lost because a security system will send it to you anonymously also via email, not only through Anonyx.
Have you lost your smartphone?
No problem, because the message is still received by email.
Additional features
Auto reply

You can set up an auto reply message that will be be sent every time someone scans your Personal QR Code.
For example, you can set up a thank you message, maybe even offer a reward.
Additional features

The Personal QR Code can be cloned into many copies, each with its own name, to be attached to different items.
This way you can know the clone that has been scanned and act accordingly.
Do you speak English?
Anonyx currently supports the following 29 languages:

English, Italiano, Français, Español, Deutsch, Português, Pусский, 中文, عربى, 日本語, 한국어, Hrvatski, Dansk, Nederlands, Suomi, Ελληνικά, Norsk, Polskie, Svenska, Türk, Eesti, Română, Latvietis, Shqiptar, български, Bosanski, Čeština, Magyar, Українська.
Anonymize yourself
Your Personal QR Code is your anonymous digital representative, a very special business card that you can use for any fancy purpose.
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How does it work?
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