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QRing is a collection of APIs and websites aimed at creating a smart-lifestyle environment, where people, properties, things and pets are connected.

End users just need our app QRing to manage their smart-lifestyle.
Who, what, how


What we do

Condotrace is a platform aimed at creating a smart-lifestyle environment.

We have developed Condotrace to provide the communication and management tools in order to easily connect properties, services, people, things and pets.

The protocol

Condotrace protocol provides each person and each property with a QR code connected to an API, dealing with encrypted data.

QR codes can be easily attached to things, pets and people in order to create a distributed network.

QR codes can only be read by our app QRing, able to decrypt the data.

QR codes are smart. If scanned by a generic QR reader, they inform to use QRing.

QR codes

QR codes can either be personal or cumulative.

Personal QR codes are aimed at things and pets. Things and pets can have an attached personal QR code belonging to their owner that can be anonymously contacted whenever a necessity arises. They can also be handed over to children, the elderly, sick or handicapped people, whenever their safety is a concern.

Cumulative QR codes are aimed at properties and groups of people. By exposing a cumulative QR code, a property/group gains a virtual intercom that provides many features.


Scan&Chat is our proprietary technology that transforms a QR code into an action.

PoO & PoA

The Condotrace QR code also represents a “Proof-of-Ownership” and a “Proof-of-Authenticity”, because it contains an encrypted parameter that cannot be faked.


Whenever possible, a QR code can be flanked or replaced by an NFC tag.


QRing is the app associated with Condotrace. It decrypts the QR codes and allows a series of features, even without the use of QR codes.

QRing currently supports the following 29 languages: English, Italiano, Français, Español, Deutsch, Português, Pусский, 中文, عربى, 日本語, 한국어, Hrvatski, Dansk, Nederlands, Suomi, Ελληνικά, Norsk, Polskie, Svenska, Türk, Eesti, Română, Latvietis, Shqiptar, български, Bosanski, Čeština, Magyar, Українська.

Universal ownership controller

QRing transforms any smartphone into a universal MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) device, thanks to the security code, a variable numeric code that only the owner of a personal QR code can read.


Condotrace communication takes place on a smartphone-to-smartphone basis over a proprietary protocol. Personal data are not disclosed because they are not even known by the Condotrace network.

The privacy of our users is of paramount importance. We manage the data of our users according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Condotrace Ltd.
The Black Church
St. Mary’s Place


Founder and CEO of Condotrace is Tiziano Tavasanis. linkedin

APIs and websites


Depending on the industry they belong to, our partners can use one of our dedicated APIs and websites.

End users can manage their smart-lifestyle on the app QRing, but they also have a DIY web interface available.

IndustryAPIWebsiteQR code
Real estate (Smart Property)On demandYesCumulative and Personal
Automotive (Smart Vehicle)YesDIY web interfacePersonal
Travel (Smart Travel)YesDIY web interfacePersonal
Port (Smart Harbour)NoYesCumulative (optional)
Cruise (Smart Cruise)YesYesCumulative (optional)
Brand (Smart Brand)NoYesPersonal
QRing is all that end users need

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End users just need a single app to manage their real estate, vehicles, boat, travel, luggage, documents, branded products, personal stuff, children, elder, pets...

QRing can be downloaded here:

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Would you like to know more?

Contact the appropriate department, depending on the industry you belong to.

Real estate (Smart Property)
Automotive (Smart Vehicle)
Travel (Smart Travel)
Port (Smart Harbour)
Cruise (Smart Cruise)
Brand (Smart Brand)
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