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What we do

We are a boutique development team.

We have a passion for creating powerful yet easy to use products.

We work both as an outsourcing company and developing our own products.

We mainly focus on SaaS platforms and mobile apps.

We have a multi-year experience, but we always look to the future in search of new ideas and exciting challenges.

Our values

Condotrace was founded in 2019 on values we all share.

We believe in innovation and get excited about making products aimed at a smart lifestyle, where security, safety and ease of use are paramount.

Through knowledge and a creative process we try to make people's lives easier.

We're business-minded and enjoy working on products lots of people love using.

We aim high.

We love partnerships, so we are open to working with people who believe in innovation.

Our know-how

We pay close attention to the quality of the products we work on.

We have many years of experience in both front-end and back-end development.

Beneath the apparent simplicity and ease of use of our products lies a great amount of complex technologies that we develop and refine.

In house analytics

To provide a complete service, adapted to modern needs, our products are always equipped with proprietary analysis tools.


As even the simplest of products may need adequate support, we provide a complete online help system, complemented by a dedicated support team.

Our latest products
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Chef Management Platform

segment: b2b
Real recipes. Real chefs.

segment: retail
Anonymize yourself

segment: retail
Talking objects

segment: b2b

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